Are you looking to put your home on the market? Think about how exciting it will be to install that “for sale” sign outside and know that the process is underway! FACT: There is high buyers demand, so being prepared is key!

Getting ready to sell

We might not know exactly what is going to happen to the housing market this year but the one thing we do know is that if your house isn’t on the market, we can’t sell it!

If you’re thinking about selling, but you’re on the fence, let’s do a quick consultation… with no strings attached!

Getting ready to sell

I will guide you through the complete process of selling your home. I can pull a comparative market analysis and get an accurate valuation of your property, or you can give me a quick tour of your home. Either way, I will be well-placed to make recommendations on how to increase the market value of your home through staging and small pre-market touch-ups.

Put my experience to work for YOU and you will find the selling process stress-free and exhilarating! Let’s do this!

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